The Chicago-Africa Economic Forum 2017, which took place from July 6 to 8, brought together about thirty potential US partners, about fifty participants from six African countries. At the time of the assessment, satisfaction seems to be the best feeling
sharing. Witness the words collected.

Konimba Sidibé, Minister of Promotion

Investment and Private Sector

from Mali:

"We hope other ChicAfrica will follow" http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157



ChicAfrica 2017 was a great success. Economic operators from many African countries came together and discussed Africa's investment and development issues with US partners. They discussed individual projects in B to B. We discussed the Public-Private Partnership, which today seems to be one of the preferred paths for the development of the African continent. In view of these achievements, we hope that other ChicAfrica will follow.


Julien Ouédraogo, CEO of the company

Real Estate Wend-Panga:

"We will share the experience gained"


It is a great joy for us Burkinabe economic operators present to participate in this Forum. We came with women and young businessmen. The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso (CCI-BF), Mahamadi Sawadogo, appointed us to lead the delegation of Burkina Faso. Upon return, we will share the experience gained here to allow more of the country's businessmen to enter the US market. This is important for the advancement of our business and our country. And we hope that participation will be stronger next year.


Ms. Ouedraogo born Zagré Kadi,

DG of the Société de BTP et de

SOCOZAF Real Estate Promotion:

"I had many contacts"

Currently, our country is under construction and Public-Private Partnership projects are underway. So, I have come in search of technical and financial partners who will support us to develop our activities for the benefit of our country. I am satisfied with my participation

at this Forum. We were not expecting immediate partnerships, but the approaches we had promised. I had many contacts and I think that each of us can draw something positive. In addition, I am very happy with the trophy awarded to me by the organizers because of my actions in favor of the Burkinabe diaspora in the world.


Jean S. Zoungrana, CEO of the company

Emergence Consulting and Services (ECOS)

Africa SARL, operating in the fields

International Trade, Services

and construction:

"The essential thing is not to sign on the spot here a

contract »


This was my second participation in this Forum. I came with the goal of being in contact with investors and business partners in order to further develop my

business. Those I met could give me hope. Although I was not able to directly reach potential investors, I exchanged with partners who will be intermediaries to put me in contact with people or structures of financing or commercial. So, I can say that the Forum went well. The key is not to sign here a contract. The fact already having bailed out my address book is already a very interesting goal of achieved. We will continue these relationships, which we hope will lead to signed contracts. As an improvement, I urge the Ramses team to work harder to get the participation of many US investors and business partners instead of dealing with middlemen.


Fougnibe Koné, Director General of the

International New Year Group, Ivory Coast,

Trader in the trading of tropical products,

civil engineering and distribution in food:

"We are returning very confident"


For this first participation, we came in search of new American partners. You know that francophone Africa has very little presence in the American market. It was an opportunity for us to come sell our know-how and our ambitions. We came with two projects in hand. The first concerns the processing of cashew nuts, of which Côte d'Ivoire was the first producing and exporting country in the world during the 2016 campaign. With this project, we are looking for partners either to create a processing unit or to buy the product. The second project concerns the development of a supermarket network. Following a successful experience with a supermarket, we are in a dynamic to expand this business. 
In Chicago, we had very attentive interlocutors who were impressed by our innovative projects that created jobs and added value. We are returning very satisfied and confident. For future editions, it would be nice if the organizers could improve the communication around the event, especially from the American partners. Ramses Consulting must be a real catalyst to better prepare the ground. We recommend that organizers be able to approach bankers so that we can communicate directly with them.



Wilfried Rasmané Sinaré, English teacher

And Promoter of educational institutions 


"ChicAfrica opened my eyes"


I am responsible for two general education institutions, one in Ouagadougou and the other in rural areas, to the community of Siglé. ChicAfrica 2017 was for me an opportunity to have other experiences and also to find partners who will support me in the realization of my projects in Burkina Faso. We plan to build and equip a technical school, especially in the trades of sewing, carpentry, welding, etc. After 18-20 months of training, our students will, for example, be directly employed, self-employed and do their own business. Coming to Chicago, I was hoping to meet academics, as the organizers of the forum had announced. Finally, I was able to meet with only one potential partner in the field of education in Chicago. This is a Cameroonian. This one gave me a lot of tracks compared to my expectations. Personally, the outcome of the Forum is positive, because the meeting opened my eyes. Once back in Burkina Faso, I will be better able to lead my project. I also had a wiser eye in the business field. I was not expecting funding. I traveled from Chicago, mostly to gain experience, make contacts. My only regret is that by coming here, we did not have precise information on how to exchange around a project, what the Americans expected of us. This is the B to B, which implies reciprocity. For the 3rd edition, I will be better prepared.



Bertille N. Belemsigri, promoter of Nimbi

Travel, a travel agency and

tourism in Ouagadougou:

"I was able to meet some business people

Burkinabè thanks to the Forum »


ChicAfrica 2017 was a first experience for me. I have come with the intention of having partnerships for the realization of a number of projects that I have in the field of air and land transport. I had a promise and I will keep in touch with the person, hoping for a happy ending of the nascent partnership. Also, the meeting allowed me to be aware of the requirements and procedures of American Businessmen.

In addition, I was able to broaden my circle of relations with Businessmen. There are Burkinabe Businessmen whom I met thanks to the Forum. Which was not easy in the country. Now, I can think of them as seniors in the world of entrepreneurship and they can advise me or even do business with me. My expectations have been met overall. For future editions, it would be good to educate participants in advance about the expectations of potential US investors and to guide those who come in search of partnerships or investors in the development of business plans according to the model of the United States.


Saïdou Zida, managing partner of ADIZ Consulting,

A tax consultancy

"The trip from Chicago was worth it"


We came to Chicago to meet people

Burkinabe or US interested in investments in Burkina

Faso to provide them with information on taxation and business law. We were there also to enlighten them on all that concerns the contracts or the relations of partnership which they will want to establish. Also, we hoped to meet firms or structures of the United States intervening in the same field as us for relations of partnership. We could actually meet people. It is clear that in these types of forum the commercial relations are not directly concluded and signed. But I think the trip was worth it, because at least the future partners knew, thanks to us, that in all the conventions they will establish, there are tax aspects to which they must pay attention. So I can say that our message has passed and we are ready to accompany American or Burkinabè Businessmen. For future editions, there are efforts to be made in terms of reception and respect for punctuality.


Hermann Minoungou from MRGV

Construction SA. From Burkina Faso:

"We were able to present two projects that have

interested our partners »


We are at our first participation in ChicAfrica. We remember good things from this forum. There were meetings of African Businessmen and those of the United States. We were able to present two projects that interested two investors from the United States. We can say that all this is on track and we draw a positive assessment of our presence in Chicago. We hope that the talks we have initiated here will come to fruition. So we say legitimately thanks to the organizers of the Forum. Nevertheless, we hope that for future editions, they can attract the participation of more American investors to allow us to widen the scope of partnership further. We meet at ChicAfrica 2018.



Mr. Georges Modrovic, CEO of ELFI Buildings Solutions in Chicago


This is your first participation at the ChicAfrica Economic Forum, what are your expectations?

It is a privilege to participate, and interact, with forward-thinking, like-minded, business professionals whom have an interest in the modern technology for energy-efficiency, eco-responsible living and creation of sustainable economic development and strategy, locally in Africa and in the United States. Our expectation is, at the conclusion of the “Forum”, to have begun the process for the immediate development of substantive, multi-beneficial partnerships to provide for a sustainable future in Africa, through integration of each of our core competencies.


You are the CEO of ELFI Buildings Solutions, a construction company based in Chicago. In what capacity your company can contribute to the development of infrastructures in Africa through Public – Private Partnerships (PPP).

Definitely within the spirit and capacity of “Partnerships” (public and private), ELFI, a

sustainable building systems and solutions company, facilitates approach, process, method and systems which incorporate all criteria that have direct and indirect positive impact (locally through globally), for each initiative. Our unique holistic and detailed “systems” approach, combines experience, knowledge, products, services and more, to provide customized maximum

sustainable benefits for each engagement.


In your views, what are the challenges that Africa faces in implementing and developing the public – private partnerships (PPP)

Serious attention and equitable adjustments must be applied from “officials” of each country in Africa to provide educational support, capital expenditure support and sustainable opportunity support to existing African companies, professionals and the affected citizens in every locale, as well as, equitable treatment of U.S.-based companies who seek only to provide maximum advantages and benefits, and capabilities, for a sustainable future in Africa.


Your company, ELFI is a Technical partner of Ramses Consulting & Associates in some major projects in Africa. What are your vision and strategies for implementing those projects?

ELFI is very fortunate to have a Partnership with Ramses. As a partnership; a collective, interactive and integrated, complete understanding and utilization of all of both of our organization's assets and resources, there is nothing which we cannot accomplish. From single-focus products and expertise to comprehensive solutions for Eco-villages and Eco-cities, together we are strong. Together, we should capture the most obvious current possibilities, cross-sector

current opportunities and we must be creative and innovative regarding the more complex core-competency and cross-sector, initiatives. Also, a Ramses, ELFI Building Systems and Solutions focused, marketing campaign would be of both of our companies' advantage and benefit.


What are your final thoughts regarding the ChicAfrica Event?

Significant and substantive, immediate future projects are directly related to our collaborative, presentation of our “partnership “ as a unified and comprehensive, collective provider of U.S.

products and services, we directly benefit sustainable development in the areas of local in-country, ownership of manufacturing facilities, career development and creation, development

and opportunities for existing in-country companies, professionals and skilled-labor. Further, we emphasize the fact that we are “all-about local, African-sourcing” of all local products, goods and services. We collectively provide completely new opportunities in these areas, and importantly, we provide a healthy, eco-responsible alternative for all citizens, by design. Wherever and whenever possible, our partnership unilaterally and bilaterally, must actively seek more substantive exchanges with companies, professionals and public representatives, assertively identify and capture African investment possibilities for investment in our Partnership and seek multi-beneficial engagement for promotion of U.S.-African Trade, in general and for our Partnership


Felix Sanon,

Director of Business Services and Cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso             


As far as I am concerned :

Director of Business Services and Cooperation CCI-BF since 2010, I am in the accompaniment of companies since 1994, or 23 years of experience, after an experience of 6 and a half years abroad with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


What are your expectations for this second edition?

I sincerely hope that this second edition will be better organizational than the first and that it will be a real opportunity for our companies to build successful alliances that will allow them to develop their activities.


Do you think that PPPs can help the private sector of Burkina Faso to consolidate its power for actions of sustainable development of the economy of Burkina Faso?

PPPs can indeed be opportunities for the private sector, particularly in the area of ​​infrastructure, which is a foundation for economic growth. I am talking about infrastructure that supports the economy, including roads, energy production, telecommunications infrastructure. But, as revealed by the diagnosis of the economy of Burkina Faso contained in the document of the National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES), the Burkinabè economy is facing structural deficiencies and a weak business environment. performance. In addition, the private sector is not yet sufficiently in control of PPP mechanisms.


Do you think the current government policy is in line with the growth of PPPs in Burkina Faso?

The Government and the private sector are aware of these shortcomings that I have just mentioned. This is why on 30 and 31 March 2017, a Private Sector State Forum on PPPs was held to find solutions to practical problems impeding the access of private enterprises in Burkina Faso to PPPs. This forum made a number of recommendations that focus on the regulatory framework to be put in place, the institutional anchoring, the financing of PPPs and the capacity building of both the public and the private sector on the mechanisms and procedures in place. master of PPP.


Your last word for this second edition?

The craze for this edition is real. The number of participants has more than doubled as you can see. Finally, I hope that each of the participating companies will make good business and that the forum will be profitable for everyone, both personally and professionally.




Mali's official report

Second Edition of the Economic Forum "CHICAFRICA" 2017: Mali, special guest.



The Minister of Investment Promotion and Private Sector, Mr. Konimba SIDIBE, at the head of a delegation of economic operators, is staying in Chicago, in the United States of America, where he participates from July 6 to 8 2017, at the 2nd Economic Forum between Africa, the United States, called Economic Forum "CHICAFRICA".


It is through this meeting, to promote international economic and trade exchanges between Africa and the United States of America, to stimulate the creation of business partnerships; to contribute to the strengthening of economic and political relations between the United States of America and Africa, to increase American private investment in Africa, to promote the possibilities of doing business in the United States of America, finally to increase the diaspora's investment in Africa by creating an economic bridge between businessmen and economic actors from both continents.


Initiated by RAMSES Consulting & Associates, thisevent aims to stimulate the creation of international partnerships between Africa and the US on the one hand, and business partnerships between companies on the other. This year's edition, like the previous one, is organized around panels, conferences, dinners, meetings and business trips.

A fair and equitable partnership marked by creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, says RAMSES Executive Director, Mr. Calvin TCHATCOUA, according to which, the creation of an economic bridge between businessmen and economic actors of Africa and the US, is in itself a strategic concern in the development of the African continent, hence the idea of ​​the organization, or even the institutionalization of this forum.


The representative of the Governor of Illinois, Mr. Sam Ntum, responsible for cooperation between the State of the same name, Africa and the Middle East, an American from Cameroon, will note with force and detail that the forum "CHICAAFRICA" constitutes a real framework of exchanges in which the participation of representatives of Government, businessmen, diplomats, and high personalities is woven. Opportunity for economic operators to establish individual contacts and business opportunities in a globalized trading environment led by leading economic players and experienced consultants from different countries around the world.


For the Minister of Investment Promotion and Private Sector, Mr. Konimba SIDIBE this forum is an opportunity for the various economic actors, opens new perspectives in a new impetus for boosting business. Minister SIDIBE, will note that this is a unique opportunity to bring together in one place leading partners with common interests: govern companies and representatives of economic actors to discuss the development of the African continent.


The theme of this second edition is "Public Private Partnership", a means of accelerated growth for Africa.
It will therefore be a question of working to:

• contribute to strengthening the financing capacities of the African economy;

• foster investment by US companies in Africa;

• intensify the economic dialogue between Africa and the United States of America;

• reinvent as quickly as possible the US external economic presence in sub-Saharan Africa.

Given the quality of the participants, the selection of partners will be based on rigor according to the projects and the needs of the stakeholders. The work at the Doubletree HILTON Hotel in Chicago, in the form of panel discussions, conferences and panels, exhibition booths, will culminate in a Gala evening at which "African Excellence Award" will be awarded. to economic actors in different dynamic or innovative areas of our continent.

Men, women or SMEs who by their talent, their creativity, their capacity for innovation, participate in the international reputation of Africa in the world, will be distinguished. The objective sought by the institutionalization of this prize is to ensure wide international communication on the know-how of African SMEs and also to reward those who have contributed to the development of Africa.



Source : http://www.maliweb.net/contributions/deuxieme-edition-forum-economique-chicafrica-2017-mali-invite-special-2375782.html