Word from the Director of Training

Our slogan "Training for Winners" is a guarantee that we carry and put forward to succeed all the work we do by first prioritizing the quality of training.
Our unique selection procedures and qualification of consultants and facilitators are a guarantee of quality to offer a training experience at the highest level in the region.
Our teaching charter is to specify our choice of learning methodologies and sharing adapted to a workforce. We see our participants as our guests and we strive to offer them an experience driven by the discovery and well-being.
We believe that the training experience has to exceed the limit of an institute to open a management environment through visits to institutions, companies and the business center.
Our training center is committed to its expertise, network and resources to provide the best experience around learning, applying, discovery and well-being.
Ramses Consulting & Associates is committed to a customer preference approach over the medium term by involving its customers.
Victor Onadja, Ph. D

The services offered by our Firm

Our Training Offers

I. Audit, Control and Risk Management

II. Public Administration

Bank and insurance

Quantitative Management Methods

Procurement and Purchasing

Production, Maintenance and Logistics

Port Management

Sustainable Development

Agriculture and Rural Development

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Public Relations Management and Protocol

Secretariat and Assistantship

Preparation of Certifications