Ramses Business Club

Ramses Business Club is made up of small and medium enterprises looking for funding, and technical partners. The club offers a special environment dedicated to them as a stepping stone so that they can raise funds for their projects and also a framework of managerial accompaniment.

The club offers its members an experience at all levels and also a visibility of the members. Membership is valid for 12 months, and membership extends through other business, investment and training events organized by Ramses Consulting & Associates. Members will receive personalized assistance during the ChicAfrica forum and during the current year of membership.



  • networking,
  • Connection with the business world,
  • Strengthen investments in participating countries,Connecting you with your peers
  • Participate in discounted prices at various courses organized by the Cabinet Ramsès Consulting & Associates throughout the year better negotiate their business opportunity,
  • Provide members with experience and experience sharing.
  • Finance research,
  • Search for technical partners
  • Benefits during the ChicAfrica forum


  • Applicants must have strong business plans that meet international standards
  • Companies must be legally recognized
  • Applicants must have a procedures manual for their companies
  • Pay membership fees $ 800 US