Our History and Background


Ramses II, the Grandson of Ramses I, was one of the kings of the nineteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt. He distinguished himself from his predecessors by his actions in the service of building a great Empire. He ascended the throne at -1279 BC. This great magnanimous and ingenious king revolutionized his territory in 66 years of reign.

His talent for the technique was revealed throughout history by the construction and restoration of architectural jewels like the temples of Abu Simbel and also the restoration of several other monuments.

A valiant fighter, his reign is colored by many crusades and wars, which are recognized as successful and failures. Certainly for him the conquest of territories had an undeniable political value, but he understood that he should consolidate the gains claimed to be essential. Then with his geostrategic talent, he revolutionized the sectors of industry, Egypt's domestic politics and the Economy. The social also was added to his actions. He was more than ever close to his people to ensure the maintenance of a peaceful climate and of course to appease any opposing action that could weaken his power. Nevertheless it should be noted that ideologically speaking, he was a real instigator of democracy.

The reign of Ramses II as Pharaoh of Egypt has shaped this Maghreb territory. Through his visionary spirit, excellent diplomat and above all the proven technique, Egypt acquired innumerable architectural achievements.

It is in this wake that fits the ideology of our International Cabinet RAMSES CONSULTING & ASSOCIATES. We draw inspiration from Ramses II history to unveil our vision of the world to our partners. That of offering quality services to people in order to enhance the image of an Africa that was at one time in its history the cradle of science. So, as you can see, the choice of RAMSES name is not trivial. Ramses Consulting & Associates wishes to restore this lost identity. To do this, we are committed to exhume the sense of leadership formerly occupied by Africa by offering services based on a strict deontology.